Monthly Archives: March 2011

I am this body;

The journal that has recorded

Every thought;

Holding onto even those thoughts

That my thoughts may think

They forgot long ago.


I am this body;

The hope chest that has stored

Movement, action, & life, within me;

Believing my potential

When my feelings didn’t feel

Worthy to believe them.


I am this body;

A confessional of forgiveness

For the actions that I did not take,

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A bird lay dead below one of my house’s windows.  I grieved for the end result of what I hoped was a glorious flight for him on one of the warmest & sunniest days we had in a while.  I felt guilty thinking that if the window hadn’t been there his life would have been spared. 

The windshield briefly caught the sun in just that way that turns glass into a luminous, sometimes, disorienting pane.  While driving I remembered the lifeless form of the bird earlier that morning.   Just because the end result [...]

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