For “Doris”

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“Doris” was on the other end of 800 land with my insurance company.  She was the last of 7  voices that I interacted with in the past 2 days that somehow brought light, warmth, and confidence back to my emotions which felt like wet matches in the artic climate in a barren land where I couldn’t get wi-fi.

Prior to teaching yoga, my employment was finding other people employment.  Speaking to “Doris” reminded me of those numerous exceptional amazing people that I have found a professional match for as well as those Ritas & Dons, Janets & Ronalds, & nameless present angels that are at the drive through, gas station, grocery store, and other 800 lands.

“Doris” gives not because it’s a “job”.  She cares enough to care.  That has a way of transcending into a fortifying experience with humankind which elevates the spirit & brings joy to one’s heart…my heart.

Of course “Doris” said she couldn’t accept any gifts including a Kaleidoscope Yoga mug.  So, I decided to post a picture of 2 of them to symbolically share a face to face “thank you” with her over tea/coffee at the Black River.

My wish for you “Doris” is found at the link below.  You will need to have your sound up to hear the words/music.

Gratefully & Sincerely,


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