Yoga Support


$75 ~ 1 1/2 hour session

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Yoga Support includes a client centered intention supporting the body/mind/spirit connection through assisted yoga postures & non-directive Rogerian dialogue for facilitating a client’s transformation/healing.

This modality can empower individuals to recognize their ability to create change & consider possibilities for healthier choices & ways of being with themselves & others.

As a Yoga pracitioner each session validates for me what a profound gift being fully present can be for the giver & the receiver.

My experience as a client has allowed me to take time for myself to explore what’s happening within my body, thoughts, & emotions & connect that to how it is or isn’t showing up in my life.  From those aware nesses I’ve pondered choices for what actions to take or not to take on my own behalf.  I’ve become much more in touch with listening to my inner wisdom, inner guidance, intuition which always knows what’s best for me.

To schedule a confidential session, email Roberta at or call 843.546.3311.